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Governance in the Context of the Innovation Blueprint

From By: Doug Collins | June 6, 2012 Governance in the Context of the Innovation Blueprint What does governing the practice of collaborative innovation mean? When we govern do we compromise the spirit of openness and experimentation that enlivens the practice? In this article innovation architect Doug Collins applies the blueprint for collaborative innovation to explore these critical questions.…

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Opening the Practice of Collaborative Innovation to the End User

From By: Doug Collins | March 14, 2012 Opening the Practice of Collaborative Innovation to the End User In a past article I provided a framework for thinking about the practice of collaborative innovation. I recommended that people new to the practice start their journey by pursuing the internally focused, enquiry-led form (figure 1). Figure 1: forms and areas…

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The Benefits of Pursuing Collaborative Innovation with Your Customer Advisory Board

By: Doug Collins | July 25, 2011 Many organizations have committed to developing deeper intimacy with their most important clients by establishing customer advisory boards. The most compelling, worthwhile forms of engagement within this structure occur when board members and stakeholders from the sponsoring organization explore possibilities for helping one another realize their respective visions. In other words, they collaborate and…

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Four Points to Consider as the Business Sponsor of an Ideation Challenge

By: Doug Collins | June 29, 2011 A Way Forward The lady from the corporate IT department wants to meet with you tomorrow morning. You recall that she wears Anne Klein and has a background in finance. She wants to talk with you about whether her group’s newly launched collaborative innovation program would benefit you. Her group’s senior vice president…

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Yes, Innovation Is Your Day Job

By: Doug Collins | June 15, 2011 Organizations feel their way through the rubble of the economic collapse like basement-dwelling refugees walking their belongings out of a fire-bombed city. The way forward—the most promising path to reclamation if not salvation to the promised land of the way things used to be—is “innovation.” Leaders of the world’s organizations small, medium, large,…

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The Anatomy of An Idea In Collaborative Innovation

By: Doug Collins | April 6, 2011 My clients and I cover miles of ground as we get to the heart of what it means for the people in their organization to achieve leadership in innovation. Over time we visit and revisit, cast and recast, and frame and reframe the matters of… What is the critical question which, if we…

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