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The Front End of Innovation Does Not Conform to a Funnel

The Front End of Innovation Does Not Conform to a Funnel By: Doug Collins, Senior Community Manager, Spigit | March 14, 2011 Much of the action in innovation during the past five years has been around the front end of innovation – acquiring and gating new ideas. Doug Collins asks whether we are applying the right processes to the fuzzy…

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How to Combine Innovation with Lean and Six Sigma

By: Doug Collins | February 22, 2011 Innovation never takes place in a vacuum cut off from other initiatives to improve performance. Doug Collins takes a look at how to team up with people in the Lean and Six Sigma processes. Watching Highlander makes me melancholy. In the movie we find a group of engaging, mostly benevolent antediluvians in our…

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How to Create a Culture of Leadership (where everyone plays their part)

By: Doug Collins | February 8, 2011 How do you create the conditions where your employees will co-create commitment and mutually respected responsibility in the innovation process. Doug Collins looks at the four cornerstones of that process: vision, ethics, courage, reality and how you can go about fostering them. Innovation processes often begin with a meeting. That meeting must take…

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