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Innovation to Go – Spigit’s New Mobile App

By: Hutch Carpenter | July 19th, 2013 We are pleased to take the wraps off the new Spigit mobile app. It includes a host of terrific features that will enhance your innovation program. The app, Spigit Mobile, is available in Google Play (requires Android 4.0) and the Apple App Store (requires iOS 5 or higher). It also requires that you…

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Deliver Engagement and Results through Innovation Challenges

By: Hutch Carpenter | November 8th, 2012 When I first joined Spigit over three years ago, the distinct impression I had was that innovation management platforms were the next generation of social, crowdsourced digital suggestion boxes. Almost like an ERP for ideas, a go-to place to post that idea you’ve always had. An advantage of developing a large roster of…

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Capture the Wisdom of the Crowd with Pairwise Voting

By: Hutch Carpenter | November 7th, 2012 Gathering and channeling community feedback is a critical element in the crowdsourcing process. The objective is to combine each individual’s slice of the “truth” – knowledge, values, decision frameworks – into a collective wisdom about highest potential ideas. As James Surowiecki has noted, individual judgment aggregated this way performs better than a few…

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What’s your view on customers’ value to innovation?

By: Hutch Carpenter | July 27th, 2012 More and more, customer-centricity is becoming a thing. As in, an increasingly important philosophy to companies in managing day-to-day and even longer term planning. In comes in different forms: design thinking, social CRM, service-dominant logic, value co-creation. But it’s not pervasive at this point. Companies still are spotty on how much they integrate customers…

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Tweets Offer Little Value in Understanding Customer Needs

By: Hutch Carpenter | June 5, 2012 Just did the math to figure out Vi’s college savings. Now: where the fuck am I going to get the required $1,000/month required?— Ryan Wilcox (@rwilcox) May 19, 2012 Social media. A rich source of insight and opportunity for companies. Why, it’s an article of faith that customers are talking…on their terms…where they…

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Jobs-to-be-done’s place in a customer-centric organization

By: Hutch Carpenter | May 16, 2012 On Twitter, I asked this question: When firms talk about being customer-centric today, what are they actually *doing*? FB page? Reacting to tweets? Sentiment analysis? #scrm— Hutch Carpenter (@bhc3) May 15, 2012 I asked it, as I had a conversation in recent days with a fellow from a large corporate. Customer-centricity was recently…

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