Videos & Customer Testimonials

Whether you’re interested in seeing one of our products in action, what our clients have to say about us or who we are here at Spigit, we’ve got it all. Don’t have time to read an entire document? No problem. View any one of our quick videos today to learn more.

Kenny Palm, Sr. Manager, PwC

Stephen Charles – EVP & Founder, immixGroup, Inc

SIS13: Mark Fidelman – Evolve!

Minnetonka Public Schools, Eric Schneider


Hear from Eric Schneider, Asst. Super Intendant for Instruction, on how Minnetonka Public Schools is using Spigit to drive innovation in the school system. Eric discusses how he overcame objections and successfully sold the concept of innovation to teachers.

City of NY, Bob Richardson


Bob Richardson, Director of Strategic Technology Development at the City of NY, shares how their innovation program has evolved over time. The City of NY has been able to make significant strides through their usage of Spigit. Bob even shares surprises from the crowd.

Elavon/US Bank, Fergal Kearns


As an early customer US Bank started with a small pilot program, however over time that pilot expanded into different areas of the business. Fergal Kearns, details how their original pilot grew to include over 7000 people. He also provides insight on how to keep a crowd of that size engaged and constantly coming back for more.

M.I.T., Ceasar McDowell


MIT has very exciting and innovative plans for 2012 involving the World Cup in Brazil.  Ceasar McDowell, Professor for the Practice of Community, gives a sneak peek into what those plans entail and shares how the people at Spigit helped MIT choose the Spigit product.

Veridian, Paul Farmer


Veridian’s Paul Farmer, Innovation Officer, talks about his efforts with their innovation program and how he successfully manages ideas.  Paul also shares some clever engagement tactics and answers the question on every executive’s mind – “What was the ROI”

NetApp, John Loiacono


John Loiacono, Director of Strategic Programs at NetApp, details how Spigit has helped him uncover innovation in the field that is not yet understood or known globally.  As an innovator, he also offers insightful advice to others that may be just starting out with their own programs.

DPR, Nick Fondano


Learn from DPR’s Nick Fondano how the construction leader is using Spigit to develop communities of innovative collaboration among its employees.   In an industry that is known for being innovative yet moving a bit slow, Spigit has helped DRP  activate its crowd and uncover new ideas that have inspired a cultural shift within the organization.

MD, Michael Maddock


Michael Maddock speaks to his thoughts on innovation and Spigit’s premier role in helping companies realize great business value. Maddock Douglas is the innovation agency that specializes in finding needs in the market and implementing new products, services, or business models to satisfy those market needs.

Altimiter, Charlene Li


Charlene Li, of The Altimeter Group, speaks to the idea of innovation being the lifeblood of an organization. Li goes on to discuss how the pace and requirement within the enterprise for innovation is so high today, that companies simply cannot afford to not be innovating. Engaging the crowd in dialogue through Spigit’s technology provides companies with an easy-to-implement formula towards uncovering game-changing ideas.

Intro to Spigit


Spigit, the crowd innovation company, creates a new paradigm for realizing untapped business value, connecting employees, customers and business partners for innovation and insight discovery.

SpigitEngage Spark Car Overview


Activate Your Crowd


Maximize the wisdom of the crowd to create innovative business, products, and solution ideas. Learn how to inspire communities to proactively collaborate, improve, and refine ideas through incentives and competition. Spigit gives you the ability to identify, select, and transform ideas into solutions, products, services and revenue for your business.

Spigit in 90 Seconds


Let Spigit activate your crowd by incorporating a number of key capabilities including idea markets, 360-degree reputation scoring, configurable automated idea graduation criteria, game mechanics including virtual currency and a virtual store, as well as engaging contests.

SpigitEngage for Facebook


With SpigitEngage for Facebook, organizations can engage their customers in social co-creation by tapping customer insights through idea generation, free thought, campaigns, contests, and game dynamics. Learn how easy it is to achieve improved financial results by encouraging customer-led innovation to improve your products and services while enhancing customer loyalty by engaging in meaningful company/consumer dialogue resulting in improved products and services.

SpigitEngage for SharePoint


Learn how Spigit’s crowd innovation management solution, designed and built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, will allow customers to now have the ability to easily capture, evaluate, select, and implement their crowdsourced ideas right from the familiar SharePoint 2010 user interface.