Spigit Engage

The New Spigit Engage
Turn Crowd Inspiration
into Business Innovation

Spigit Engage lets you amplify the knowledge of the crowd without the noise.
Concentrate the best ideas that your employees, customers, and partners have
into a quantifiable business impact. Social technology, game mechanics, and
behavioral science let you harness the power of the crowd to drive innovation.

New Features Include:

  • Personal Innovation Hub
    Put everything you need in one place
  • Universal Inbox
    Tasks, notifications, and messages always close at hand
  • Activity Stream
    Focus on relevant opportunities and complete actions quickly
  • Challenge Carousel
    Jump into any conversation in your community
  • Trending Ideas
    Spot the hottest ideas, in real time

More Personal

With Spigit Engage you can ask the questions and get the answers that lead to transformational outcomes,
and make innovation a fundamental part of everyone’s daily lives.

Efficient Engagement

The new Personal Innovation Hub makes engagement and personal efficiency a priority. See all relevant activity with a quick glance in the activity stream, notice what ideas are trending, participate in open business challenges, see all your messages and notifications, and discuss, evaluate, or vote on ideas with one quick click. All on one page.

Purposeful Social

The new activity stream gives you a dynamic, purposeful view that encourages participation. Information overload is easily controlled with powerful filters that let you see just your ideas, ideas you decide to follow, or the whole “innovation fire hose”. Clicking on ideas in the activity stream opens a hovering lightbox that lets you interact with the idea without leaving the page. Vote, view idea history, discuss or evaluate—and you’re right back in your activity stream without missing a beat.

Secure Mobile

Take Spigit everywhere with new mobile apps available for Android and iOS. Securely submit ideas with photos, vote, comment, follow activities, view, and participate in challenges or view the leader board. Your innovation program can even customize the mobile experience by adding brand colors to the app and creating custom landing pages for communities and challenges.

Complete Communication

Send private messages for 1-on-1 conversations or @mention colleagues to bring them into the discussion with the new Universal Inbox. Now your Fusion tasks that have been assigned in the business workflow are also accessible in your personal inbox. Getting work done in your innovation management system has never been more efficient.

Scientific Insight

Scientific Insight

Game mechanics and behavioral science are used throughout the algorithms in Spigit to help increase participation. Leaderboards recognize ideas and people who are performing strongly, and members’ reputations are displayed on their profiles, emphasizing the value placed on quality. The countdown clock in challenges adds deadlines to collaboration. Virtual Currency earned for quality participation can also be redeemed in the online store for tangible rewards to encourage the participation you need to secure the diverse ideas that are so critical to innovation.

More Intelligent

Spigit Engage has the tools to separate the best ideas from all the rest. Features that let you see the business impact of every idea help you create an intelligent innovation pipeline for your organization.

Challenge the Crowd

Challenges are a way for you to call on the crowd to discover solutions for specific organizational needs. Spigit Engage makes it easy to create and run challenges. You can structure challenges by setting a timed countdown and by creating activity phases, such as idea posting, voting, commenting, and pairwise voting. When a challenge closes, you can select a winner to close the loop and communicate the results to the crowd.
Challenge The Crowd

Innovation Everywhere

Innovation Everywhere

The new Challenges Carousel in the personal innovation hub gives you a clear view of all the open business challenges within your communities, and across your entire organization. When you can break down silos and allow people from every department participate in challenges, you get a balanced perspective that creates transformative ideas and innovative new business projects.

Smarter Selection

Crowdsourcing is a great way to find diverse solutions, but you have to dig through the fat to get to the meat. Spigit Engage uses automated idea graduation to surface the best ideas — so you are only picking from the best. You set idea stages to establish thresholds, and the crowd pushes the best ideas forward. Combine this with Spigit Fusion’s intelligent workflow to ensure expert review and make the best of your resources.
Smarter Selection

Intelligent Elections

Intelligent Elections

Once you have collected the best ideas, you’ll have to pick a winner. And pulling ideas out of a hat just isn’t very scientific. Spigit Engage uses intelligent Pairwise voting that lets the crowd express their feelings about an idea, while star ratings express the depth of sentiment. Pairwise voting ensures that the best decisions are made by thoroughly engaging the crowd in a fun way, while encouraging careful thought and selection.

Monetize Ideas

While voting lets people make yes or no decisions, they are more likely to honestly express what they value if you tie it to good old money. Idea Trading is an advanced feature that allows ideas to be traded like stocks, using virtual currency. People are more likely to “invest” in what they feel will be successful ideas, just like they would in the real stock market. As more people invest in an idea, the price moves up, giving an honest assessment that is a great predictor of business value.
Monetize Ideas

More Powerful

Develop a culture of innovation in your organization with Spigit Engage. Custom reporting lets you measure the health of your innovation program, and configurable branding and templates make setting up a scalable innovation process a breeze.

Real-Time Trends

Real-Time Trends

See what the buzz is all about—in real time—with the new Trending ideas stream. It’s like a social news feed that lets you quickly and visually spot the hottest ideas trending across your innovation communities. When you can instantly see what’s gaining velocity, you never miss the big game-changing ideas.

Meaningful Metrics

To prove the performance of your innovation communities, you need powerful and flexible reporting. Spigit Engage has built in reports and ad-hoc report generation that gives you multiple views of community performance. Get data on ideas and members. Run tabular reports or use graphics. Schedule recurring report deliveries. And use familiar, sharable formats like Excel, Word, and PDF so everyone can see which ideas are moving up the ladder.
Meaningful Metrics

Powerful Insight

Powerful Insight

Data means more when you can put it into context. Spigit Engage lets you convert interaction data into actionable insights. For example, Approval Ratings for an idea go beyond just positive and negative votes by adding weight to the tally based on the reputation of each individual.

Speak Your Language

Spigit Engage supports site labels in 13 languages – English (USA and UK), Spanish (Latin America and Spain), French, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), German, and Arabic. And the new Language Development Kit facilitates translations beyond those officially supported by Spigit.
Speak Your Language

Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

Already use other social platforms? No problem. Spigit Engage now integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Jive, and Salesforce Chatter. Ideas in open innovation cases and public sites can also be shared on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to maximize your exposure.