SpigitEngage for Facebook

“SpigitEngage for Facebook will have a significant role in the practice of social creation, as it strikes an attractive balance between engagement and economic feasibility.”

Patrick Byrne, Chairman CEO, Overstock.com

“By facilitating social conversations on Facebook, we can create unique and impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with our current supporters; uncovering new ideas from the Raider community that will help us develop and leverage the power of our fans.”

Tom Blanda, Senior Executive, Oakland Raiders

Driving Business Purpose in Social Media

SpigitEngage for Facebook extends the capabilities of your Facebook fanpage beyond simple news and announcement postings by creating an interactive and customer engaging platform for idea generation, contests and targeted campaigns. Taking full advantage of Facebook’s viral nature, SpigitEngage for Facebook allows you to generate colossal brand awareness through digital word of mouth, driving followers, and delivering key messages.

Engage your customers in a social environment

Reach the broadcast audience by going to where your customers already are and creating a source for great ideas for your business. Ask for feedback, gather new ideas and suggestions and build lasting customer relationships.

Discover where your crowd is innovating

SpigitEngage for Facebook lets you to discover where the innovative ideas are coming from, by allowing you to effectively measure which regions your campaigns are most effective. SpigitEngage for Facebook gives you the tools to tap into the collective intelligence of your consumer base and measure success.

Get Rewarded

Earn tokens as you participate to spend on store merchandise, keeping engagement and participation vibrant.


View top ideas and contributors via leaderboards, enhancing social recognition and idea discovery.

Activity Stream

Get a quick overview in your ‘following feed’ of the activity around ideas and people you are most interested in, enabling social discovery of ideas and comments for a broader view of innovation activity.

Admin Dashboard and Reporting

Get easy admin access to overall site statistics and reports, capture contact information and valuable business data that can be leveraged for new product/process development, revenue generation, and cost savings.