SpigitEngage for SharePoint

Social innovation built on Microsoft SharePoint’s powerful capabilities

Every day, organizations are tackling new opportunities and solving new issues. People charged with making decisions need ideas, information, perspectives and the benefit of others’ experience. And where can this valuable input be found? An organization’s employees, customers and suppliers.

SpigitEngage for SharePoint brings market-leading innovation capabilities to SharePoint, one of the most commonly used platforms in the world. The SpigitEngage crowd enablement platform applies social principles to the process of generating the best ideas for organizational challenges.

New, in the latest release:

Intuitive User Experience, easy navigation and a whole lot more analytics!

The latest release of SpigitEngage for SharePoint just got a fresh new look with an even more intuitive user experience that’s designed to improve user engagement and fresh navigation elements that make it even easier to use for your innovation communities.
And the there’s a lot more Innovation Analytics for you with 16 out-of-the-box reports included.

Ideation, Analytics, Lifecycle Stages

Out-of-the-box innovation management for your SharePoint platform.

The SpigitEngage for SharePoint platform drives the innovation process, through the powerful capabilities of the SpigitEngage platform. Ideation provides for both ongoing innovation communities and time-based challenges. Participants post ideas, and others are able to vote and comment on them.
Analytics track users’ reputations, and ideas’ progress on stage criteria. Those ideas meeting the criteria are automatically advanced, facilitating a scalable basis for sourcing and identifying the best ideas.

Game Mechanics

Augment engagement while eliciting insights from your community

SpigitEngage for SharePoint leverages a variety of game mechanics to increase the community insight vital to innovation. Individuals earn reputations based on the community response to their submissions. Members’ earned reputations are displayed by their avatars, emphasizing the value placed on quality. Leaderboards highlight ideas and people who are performing strongly. Currency – redeemable in an online store – is earned for different activities. And participants can bet on when ideas will mature within the Innovation Lifecycle, generating a fresh view of which ideas are deemed to have the highest potential.

SharePoint Search

Ensure employees see ideas associated to their areas of interest.

As employees conduct searches in SharePoint, Spigit for SharePoint content is included in the returned results. With this integration, the visibility of ideas relevant to others in the organization increases significantly. Expanded awareness around each idea is a vital component of increasing the innovation capacity of an organization.

Project Server 2010 Integration

Ensure employees see ideas associated to their areas of interest.

SpigitEngage for SharePoint provides the means for sourcing and identifying the best ideas that address business opportunities and issues. After determining the highest potential ideas, you can seamlessly process them through Microsoft Project Server 2010. This includes applying portfolio optimization techniques, aligning ideas with specific corporate strategies and perform what-if exercises based on funding, risk, human resources and other variables to determine which mix of ideas can maximize return on investment.

Smart Web Parts

Bring innovation activity and participation to any part of your SharePoint environment

SpigitEngage web parts can be used throughout your SharePoint environment. Combine a centralized innovation experience with a distributed approach to garnering participation and raising awareness. All within the familiar SharePoint platform.
Sharepoint Webpart