SpigitEngage on Chatter

Your people are already using Chatter every day to manage their relationships with their customers. Improve customer retention, accelerate innovation, and foster engagement by keeping your network focused on the challenges ahead of them. Spigit publishes key activities to the Chatter stream, and provides an easy way to access the functionality of Spigit with a single click.

Spigit: The Engine for Innovation

Spigit’s solution provides the key structures for your innovation program.

Activate Crowds

Tap into the institutional knowledge of your crowd by sourcing ideas, opinions, and direction from the people that know the answers.

Purpose Driven Engagement

Provide the focus needed to ensure your business needs are met through purpose driven challenges and phases.

Transformational Success

Measure the crowd’s activities and engage experts to not only find the best ideas, but transform your business to meet the new needs of your market.

Chatter Feed

The Chatter Feed is the central activity stream for Chatter users, highlighting activities occurring in Spigit as well as natively in Chatter. Spigit activity is published to the Feed. It keeps innovation efforts front and center with your community in Chatter.

Chatter Social Groups

Individual employees create their own Chatter discussion groups for topics of interest. Through the Spigit integration, ideas can easily be posted to groups by employees, along with a note explaining their relevance.

Chatter Search

Spigit content is returned in searches by users on the Chatter platform. Through the OpenSearch standard, searches are run simultaneously in both Chatter and Spigit.