SpigitEngage for Yammer

Bring innovation into the organizational conversation

Spigit for Yammer streams innovation activity into your Yammer application. In doing so, you broaden the reach of the innovation dialogue, increase engagement and cross-company communications that fuel meaningful innovation outcomes.

Activities Published to Yammer

Expand engagement around employees’ good ideas

Spigit for Yammer publishes new ideas to the main message feed, immediately expanding their audience. Through Yammer, employees with distinct knowledge, experience and points of view quickly learn about new ideas, and can provide the feedback that helps evolve ideas collaboratively. Other innovation activities – comments, votes, file attachments, completed evaluations, idea graduations – are published to the Yammer activity feed. This enhances awareness of ongoing activity in the Spigit platform, increasing levels of engagement.


Administrative Control on What Gets Published

Ensure only what should be visible gets published

A number of innovation-related activities occurring in Spigit are available for publishing into Yammer. However, not all may be consistent with the experience you want to maintain in Yammer. Administrators have the ability to turn off publishing of specified activity types. This control can be extended to block all activities published from a specified innovation community. This is valuable when the community is intended to draw out innovation among a selected sub-group of participants, and public visibility doesn’t make sense..

People Control Which of Their Own Activities Gets Published

Yammer’s personality-driven engagement requires user control of what gets published

A key element of the success of social networks is that individuals determine the shape and content of what gets published under their names. Spigit for Yammer incorporates this into the experience. Each person determines which activity types in Spigit get published into Yammer. In that way, they maintain ownership over their Yammer engagement.