Tap experts’ knowledge and perspectives to understand idea strengths and weaknesses



Analytical rigor without a one-size-fits-all rigid process



Experts’ feedback is converted into a single view to quickly assess idea


Innovation Tempo

Stay on track with task management, and Outlook and Lotus Notes integration

Innovation Tempo

Tools to Speed the “Time-to-Implementation” for Your Best Ideas.

SpigitFusion is a powerful engine for managing the evaluation and implementation feasibility of ideas generated through the Spigit platform. It combines the effective crowdsourcing capabilities of Spigit with a robust back-end evaluation system that automates the process of pulling together the expertise, experience, and authority of individuals to manage ideas forward into innovation projects.

Using Fusion, organizations can improve the quality of decision-making around business ideas and accelerate the pace of innovation. And because it is an adaptive system, you can tailor the evaluation process to the unique characteristics of each idea.

Five Evaluation Types

Apply the right tool at the right time in your innovation program.

SpigitFusion provides five different evaluation tools. Reviews are scorecards reflecting key criteria to assess an idea. After each of the criteria are rated, a single rating is calculated. Approvals are powerful actions, where a person is asked to green light or veto an idea. Evaluation Files are external documents or spreadsheets brought into the evaluation process. Evaluation Forms are online structured questionnaires. Feedback Requests are simple evaluation questions seeking a free form response.
Spigitfusion Evalutation

SpigitFusion Custom Evalutation

Customizable Evaluation Templates

Evaluation templates that reflect your unique way of assessing ideas.

SpigitFusion is built to adapt to your way of working. Reviews, Evaluation Files and Evaluation Forms can each multiple templates. For example, Review forms can be created for evaluation by marketing, intellectual property, product management, operations, human resources, etc. Each group adds a different perspective to the evaluation of idea. Fusion also supports an evaluation file library. Financial spreadsheets, project forms and other existing files can be used easily within the Fusion framework.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Stay on top of the evaluation status of each idea in your community.

SpigitFusion evaluations are assigned to individuals automatically according to set rules, or manually on an as-needed basis. These tasks include due dates, and the system tracks these due dates. As the due date nears, reminder emails are sent out, and if the due date passes without action on the evaluation, reminder and even escalation emails can be sent out. Fusion also includes the ability to download an assigned evaluation task to Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes calendars, ensuring visibility in the place where employees manage their time.
Task Assignment and Tracking

SpigitFusion Scorecards

Review Scorecards

Visual presentation of each idea’s strengths and weaknesses.

As they are completed, SpigitFusion reviews are added to an idea’s scorecard. The scorecard displays the results of all reviews completed for an idea. If multiple people complete the same review, their ratings for the different criteria are averaged. The scorecard gives a fast at-a-glance as the criteria where the idea is rated highly, and the criteria which indicate an area of weakness. From this view, determination can be made on how to proceed forward on the idea.

Integrated with Automated Idea Stage Graduation

Ideas advance as your organization experts update their evaluations.

SpigitFusion evaluations become part of the criteria an idea must meet to advance forward in the lifecycle stages. This includes manually assigned evaluations for an idea. Manual assignment of evaluation tasks allows each idea to have a customized path forward. This ensures an evaluation flow that is adapted to the specific characteristics of each idea.
SpigitFusion Graduation