WestJet Reduces Costs with Spigit

Another great example of the power of the crowd was covered in the Calgary Herald news today. After implementing Spigit’s solutions to elicit insight from employees, and connecting them to contribute and evaluate ideas on cost savings and process improvement, WestJet has implemented a number of ideas that would otherwise go untapped without the use of a social innovation solution. And, where some organizations are focusing on new product ideas, WestJet has successfully incorporated the concept of Crowd as a Service – leveraging the crowd contribution beyond the scope of new product ideas.

Some of their ideas include “getting rid of ticket jackets – which saves about $700,000 a year – and making the employee standby travel line automated, rather than going through the call center.” (Trent) Tilbury (of WestJet) says that reduces costs by about $1 million a year and freed up the center by removing about 18 per cent of its calls.

Almost a quarter of the Calgary-based airline’s 8,500 workers take part in the online program, which allows them to offer suggestions and vote on those made by others.