The Fall Release adds to Spigit’s market-leading innovation management capabilities to further help companies foster a CULTURE OF INNOVATION, and win COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES.

Major advancements increase employee engagement and participation, accelerate innovation through maximizing efficiency, and provide more flexibility than ever before for harnessing the power of the crowd across your organization.
Drive engagement through recognition and
personalized experiences

A reimagined UX boasts new features built to drive engagement and maximize cross-company collaboration:

  • Guided User Experience personalizes the user journey, celebrates contributions and encourages users to participate from day one
  • New user profile featuring skills and interests enables effective teaming and fosters networks across your business
  • New tools to recognize contributions, encourage key behaviors, and provide instant motivation to further engage
Drive Employee Engagement

Advance innovation with state-of-the-art
Machine Learning

Industry-first machine learning capabilities improve efficiency and intelligence for both admins and ideators, optimizing your resource and enabling your program to scale:

  • Accelerate idea management for admins through surfacing comparable ideas for consolidation and focusing time on advancing the best ideas
  • Provide new intelligence for ideators, enabling them to connect with like-minded individuals to refine their own ideas or contribute to those that already exist
Spigit Machine Learning

Leverage the power of the crowd across a variety of enterprise challenges

Enhanced platform flexibility offering new configuration capabilities supports more usage scenarios and challenge types than ever before, all within one solution:

  • Q&A Community – create online communities where teams can share their knowledge and through the process organizations build a searchable asset
  • 1:1 Engagement – easily restrict visibility between participants when needed
  • External/Public Challenges – new Single Sign On authentication method makes the process of engaging those outside your company more seamless than ever
New Use Cases

“From the [Spigit] platform over the course of the last year, we have seen the development of 300 IDEAS. It has been tremendously successful in improving customer engagement and involvement.”

Wendy Mayer
Vice President Strategy and New Business Innovative Pharma, Pfizer

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