It's a BatMobile! It's a Pod Racer! It's...the Polaris Slingshot (A Tale of Crowdsourcing Success)

By Arwen Heredia | Spigit
October 15, 2015

What do Bruce Wayne, George Lucas, and the team at Polaris industries have in common?

They’ve all conceptualized cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind vehicles built for power and speed, featuring elegant aerodynamic properties and the latest in automobile innovation. But only Spigit customer Polaris has crowdsourcing to thank for the unique design of the Slingshot, their recently-released three-wheel motorcycle that’s been compared to every superhero transport in the books.

Crowdsourcing a Best-Seller at Polaris

In our newest case study, the team at Polaris shares:

  • How they took their innovation program from manual and time-consuming to turbocharged and automatic
  • How Spigit helped them make the process of ideation to execution 80% faster
  • How crowdsourcing innovation helped Polaris beat competitor Harley Davidson to the market with their new electric motorcycle
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