Idea to Impact, Amplified with Planview

By Scott Raskin | Spigit
December 19, 2018

Today is an exciting day for the Spigit business and all the customers we serve, as we announce that Spigit has been acquired by Planview, the global leader in work and resource management (WRM).

Spigit’s mission and commitment has long been to support our customers as they drive sustained innovation by engaging employees in crowdsourced ideation and managing the entire innovation lifecycle. This acquisition is a significant milestone for Spigit, as it brings additional scale and resources to this mission.

Over the past few years we made a number of advancements in our journey to support the full innovation lifecycle, including the delivery of new services and product configurations in 2018. It is through this that we continue to drive significant growth and market presence, most recently represented by our strongest revenue growth and customer renewal performance in company history.

This acquisition means Spigit customers will benefit from the combined leadership in innovation management and work and resource management, enabling them to automate the entire innovation lifecycle – from strategy to delivery – and select winning ideas that increase revenue, reduce time to market, and improve portfolio transparency.

Planview is a great new “home” for our team and all the customers we serve. After all, our vision has always been to support the Spigit Community in its journey toward sustained innovation that has impact. This dedication to customer service has led to us to being the largest and most widely used innovation management platform with over six million users across over 170 countries to date and growing.

This is an incredibly exciting time for Spigit! I want to thank everyone that has been with us on this amazing journey, and look forward to what the future brings as a member of the Planview family. You can find additional details about today’s announcement by reading the press release and our customers are encouraged to reach out to their account manager to learn more.

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