The Spigit Community

The Spigit Community brings together a network of passionate innovation leaders and executives exclusively from Spigit's global customer-base.

It provides Spigit customers with insights, best practices and support from our team of experts as well as their peers, to help them maximize success on their innovation journey.

What Does It Mean To Be Part of the Community?

Spigit is more than just a software provider. Our years of success and position as market-leader have come from truly partnering with our customers, and providing them with support and expertise throughout their innovation programs, and on an ongoing basis.

Through the Spigit Community, our customers have unique and exclusive access to insights, content and support both from experienced innovation experts at Spigit, as well as our vast network of innovation leaders from Fortune 500 companies.

Connect with your Peers

We often hear that one of the most valuable ways that we can support our customers in their innovation efforts is by connecting them with their peers in innovation to share experiences and learn from one another.

As members of the Spigit Community, customers can take advantage of our unrivaled network of innovation leaders, connecting through forums such as our annual customer conference, Ignite, our regional Innovation Forums and meet-ups, and our digital discussion groups.

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Best Practices & Advice from the Experts

Spigit Community members have access to best practice advice and expertise in a range of formats each month to help ensure their success.

From use case webinars and “Office Hours” collaboration sessions, to guidance on technical topics, and in-person training – Spigit’s team of experts provides ongoing support to ensure our customers’ programs meet their goals.

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Benchmarks & Insights

With over 6 million users across 170 countries, Spigit has unique access to benchmarking data showing how large enterprises are approaching – and growing – their innovation programs.

We work with our customers to make sure they understand how their innovation efforts stack up against their peers, and identify where to make improvements to maximize success.

Customer Advisory Board

Spigit provides numerous ways for our customer community to provide input into our product direction and strategy, including through our Customer Advisory Board (CAB).

The Spigit CAB works closely with our executive team to provide customer insight and guidance, ensuring that we have a deep relationship with our customer-base, and allowing us to stay aligned to your priorities and goals.

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