A proven way to engage employees and turn their intelligence into actionable solutions for reducing agent churn, impacting customer experience, and more now...not later.
2 of the 3 largest retail banks in the world use Spigit in their call centers.

"We recently ran a campaign in a regional office where several thousand associates are based. Without spigit we would not be able to do this at scale."

Fidelity Investments
Quickly solve real problems like:

How can we reduce call handle times by 10%?

What is the root cause of our NPS drop of 5 points last month?

How might we create different interfaces to improve Customer Effort Score?

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“The people on the phone are the eyes and ears of the customer. That's why we are going with Spigit – to get as much insight from the front line as we can.”


Best ideas front and center using patented crowd science algorithms

Easy to use
Easy to use

No steep learning curve. Spigit is a cloud-based software that's as easy to use as email. Launch idea challenges in just a few clicks.

Scale to entire company

Quickly identify ideas that solve business challenges with Spigit's automation, intelligence, and collaborative functionality.


Capture employee ideas on any device whenever, wherever: on a lunch break, in between customer calls, or during a commute.

Optimize process

Sophisticated, patented algorithms work behind the scenes to help you decide which ideas make the biggest impact on your most immediate goals.

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