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Get more out of your Continuous Improvement program by tapping into your employee base.

Companies that have Continuous Improvement programs often run into problems with project discovery. Their tools don’t scale across their entire organization and they have limited visibility into the most impactful project ideas. This has limitations and leads to wasting time, energy, and resources on the wrong initiatives. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if there was a way to involve your entire workforce in the discovery phase? What if finding solutions to your company’s most pressing business challenges could be tackled as a team rather than in silos?

Spigit is the only software solution that focuses on supercharging the most important part of a Continuous Improvement program — the discovery phase — to help you solve business critical problems at scale. Now, whether your objective is to stop customer churn, improve customer satisfaction, cut waste and inefficiency, or improve existing products, enabling an entire workforce to contribute project ideas and identifying the right ones to focus on is effortless.

84% of CI leaders agree:

More employees collaborating on CI Project Discovery will significantly help them achieve business objectives.

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CWT is continuously refining our organizational processes with a goal to offer the best customer service as we manage over 60 million transactions annually. Spigit for CI simplifies the discovery of new project ideas and increases employee engagement resolving a major pain point of all continuous improvement processes.

Vincent Lebunetel
Vice President of Corporate Innovation, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Put an end to Continuous Improvement programs that don’t solve business challenges

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