Join the world's leading companies in building a
culture of innovation by engaging your employees,
customers, and partners
Crowdcast is built for innovation in large enterprises

Crowdcast is the most widely used innovation management platform in the world — with over 6 million users in 150+ countries. Spigit leads brands around the world to crowdsource breakthrough ideas from the employees, partners and customers that know their business best. This results in new products and services, improved processes, increased employee engagement, and an enhanced customer experience.

78% of our customers with mature ideation programs deploy Spigit enterprise-wide. We are the trusted platform for helping enterprises build their culture of innovation.

Spigit Innovation Software Pairwise Desktop
Automation slashes effort

Only Spigit allows you to automatically graduate great ideas, with no need for manual review. That means less time and fewer people required to manage your innovation software.

Spigit Innovation Software Mobile Challenge
Enterprise security

Only Spigit is designed to be used across the entire global enterprise – with the scalability, mobility and security required in today’s enterprise environment.

Spigit Innovation Software Predictions Results
Patented crowd science

Only Spigit uses data science and algorithms to help the crowd select, predict, and advance only the best ideas – and prevent herd behavior.

Crowdcast Product Overview

Watch this video to get an introduction to Spigit innovation management software and how employees, customers and partners can help your enterprise innovate.


Somewhere in the mind of an employee, partner, or customer is an idea that can radically transform your business. Spigit enables you to easily uncover these ground-breaking ideas, manage them, and bring them to market with minimal effort from your innovation team.


Understand the eight key requirements for success at innovation management, and how they apply to your organization.

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