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Here’s what our customers are saying about Spigit.

“Working with Spigit, you get more than a platform, you get a team of people working with you that are as passionate about your program as you are. They are always here to help and to give you good advice based on their experience.”

Anna Baranskaya
Sr. Ecosystem Innovator, Siemens Innovation

"When we were looking at Spigit, there were two things that got our attention. The first was the ability of the software to integrate into our technology, and the second was the platform’s ability to scale up for a global organization."

Susan Andrews
Managing Director, Head of Innovation, Citi

“From the [Spigit] platform over the course of the last year, we have seen the development of 300 ideas. It has been tremendously successful in improving customer engagement and involvement.”

Wendy Mayer
Vice President Strategy and New Business Innovative Pharma, Pfizer

"Spigit closely mirrored our existing innovation efforts but allowed us to scale. We get to tap our employees' expertise, bringing state-of-the-art vehicles to our global market quickly and repeatedly. "

Craig A. Scanlon
President & Chief Marketing Officer, Polaris

“This is a program that gets people excited. Normally, front-line employees could never get an audience with executive leadership, but with TIP it’s a regular occurrence.”

Abhi Ingle
Vice President Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T

"In less than 6 months we have launched over 200 challenges that have created over 5K ideas. We are now moving forward across our teams to implement and transform ideas into results."

Jim O'Neil
Innovation Leader for Application Innovation and Consulting NA, IBM

“With Spigit, we turn employee engagement into ideas that serve our policyholders more effectively.”

David Underwood
Insight & Innovation Leader, CSAA Insurance Group

“Spigit helps our organization to collaborate, become more transparent, and prioritize the most important business goals.”

Mohan Nair
Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions

"I value the transparency, ease of use and gasification [of Spigit]. It makes innovation easy to facilitate and track from an end-to-end process."

Tina Nicodemo
Innovation Program Manager, MD Financial Management

CWT is continuously refining our organizational processes with a goal to offer the best customer service as we manage over 60 million transactions annually. Spigit for CI simplifies the discovery of new project ideas and increases employee engagement resolving a major pain point of all continuous improvement processes.

Vincent Lebunetel
Vice President of Corporate Innovation, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

I like the ease of use and the ability to customize it to our needs. Our users also love the interface and I get comments constantly about how easy it is to use. In a world of corporate red tape, Spigit makes one thing simple - ideation. I also liked working with the professional services team. They were extremely helpful in not only setting up the site but making me think differently about innovation. They are truly innovation experts!

Administrator in Financial Services
Review from G2 Crowd

"I like that has a very good idea maduration process, sometimes is hard to have a department focused on reviewing all the ideas. With this process more people participates and it is easier for administrators."

Review from G2 Crowd

Spigit is: "Easy to use with an intuitive user interface design for participants. Given that is based on social-media it feels and becomes really collaborative. Creating new challenges is relatively easy. [We've seen an] Increase in participation during the problem solving/ideation phases. We've been currently using Spigit for almost a year now, just using the challenge based feature. We've tackled different business problems, from environmental ones to production or strategic ones."

Administrator in Automotive's
Review from G2 Crowd

"Spigit has a good way of tapping in to your work force and pulling ideas out that may not normally be brought to the light. They have a quick and easy way to setup "Challenges" within your organization to help capture these ideas. We are finding ways to be more green and saving cost across the company"

Administrator in Construction
Review from G2 Crowd

"[We like] The ease of configuring a challenge and the settings for sites can be reproducible. You can save a lot of time by creating templates and reusing the existing configurations. Spigit Increase the culture of innovation and allow our employees to better communicate with each other. It allows for transparency through the process."

Administrator in Information Technology and Services
Review from G2 Crowd

"What I like about the Spigit tool is the idea of having challenges to compel the competitive and innovative spirit, in addition it helps to foster a collaborative environment, as people share their ideas, others offer suggestions to improve and that the Spigit tool gets the general population involved in voting for ideas. We used Spigit to help build a culture of Innovation in our group (CQN). After three years of using the tool and implementing the CQN Innovation program, we have a culture of innovation now, where more innovations are celebrated and highlighted, and through increased visibility through News letters, presentations to senior management, a quarterly innovation shark tank, and even a live shark tank we've saved millions of dollars in productivity and cost avoidance, and shared and adapted innovations cross groups."

Administrator in Semiconductors
Review from G2 Crowd

"Spigit provides you with one single approach along with a underlying technology at once. The team can help you with designing your innovation challenge or a program, designing your website, providing you with all tools to manage idea applications along the whole cycle, etc. Along with all great services, the Spigit team always engages with you as part of your team and provides unique tips related to your program."

Internal Consultant in Automotive
Review from G2 Crowd

"I like the consultative approach that the Spigit team takes. We used to have an ideation program. This is so much better"

Justin E.
Review from G2 Crowd