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Enterprise Innovation:
What You Need to Know


Discover the best ideas from your global enterprise and scale innovation across your entire organization.



“Spigit helps our organization to collaborate, become more transparent, and prioritize the most important business goals.”

Mohan Nair Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions

Enterprise Innovation for Business

Enterprise innovation programs are built on a foundation of breakthrough ideas intended to solve common and complex business challenges. They need to be scalable, global, mobile, and secure. Do you have the right platform in place to help you achieve your business innovation goals? The right tools to help you tap your crowd of employees, customers, and partners for new insights and ideas?

Your enterprise innovation process should help you find and implement valuable ideas that your company has never tried before. By leveraging the power of the crowd, in combination with the sophisticated analytics and algorithms offered by a crowdsourcing platform like Spigit, you’ll be able to identify and predict the business value of an idea, so you know where to focus your innovation efforts first.

And when you’re able to scale innovation from the bottom up, tap internal and external crowds, surface the most valuable ideas, and forecast business impact? Your enterprise innovation program becomes a well-oiled machine that will help you achieve your innovation goals in a matter of weeks — not years.

Accelerate Your Enterprise Innovation Program with Spigit

Spigit works everywhere — with everyone. Research shows that the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. Our mobile-first platform and simultaneous releases in 11 languages, along with game mechanics and patented algorithms, make enterprise innovation efforts scalable, repeatable, and engaging.

Focus on actionable ideas, turn them into outcomes, and continuously grow your bank of innovative ideas with Spigit.


Enable Your Crowd to Help Drive Market Growth

Spigit enterprise innovation management software lets you tap into your entire crowd of employees, customers, and partners to come up with new ideas and solutions to solve business challenges, eliminate ineffective processes, and grow your target market. Crowdsourcing innovation greatly improves the ability of your leaders to remain relevant and competitive using big data analytics and crowd science to increase the impact of your enterprise innovation efforts.

Spigit helps you empower your crowd to submit, discover, and analyze ideas with the most value and potential, ensuring that you never miss out on the best opportunities for growth. Just ask Spigit’s 4.5M users from over 150 countries around the world who have collectively earned $1B+ from their enterprise innovation programs.

Innovation management is the process that allows companies to achieve this goal. Drive the best innovations from the bottom up, using tools to tap internal and external crowds, surface the most valuable ideas, and forecast business impact.


Spigit is Leading Enterprise Innovation

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Spigit enables scalable enterprise innovation by allowing you to separate idea signals from idea noise, bringing game-changing ideas to the top and ensuring that you only deploy initiatives that are scalable. Spigit also features built-in enterprise security and compliance, meeting many accessibility requirements that other platforms can’t. Our four global data centers assure your proprietary information is safe, and our vast library of thought leadership resources give you exclusive access to an ecosystem of innovation best practices and expertise.

Global Enterprise Innovation at Citi

With over 240,000 employees in 97 countries, global enterprise innovation at Citi is a major undertaking. That’s why they turned to Spigit, which enables them to scale innovation across their entire organization. In this video, you’ll learn how Citi used Spigit to power the “Future in Banking Challenge,” which included over 46,000 employee participants who submitted more than 2,000 ideas, leading to an incredible return on investment.