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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 | San Francisco, CA
Spigit HQ & The Bently Reserve

The Ignite conference is an inspiring event full of networking, insights, and practicality — all so that you can improve your business, every day. Join us on May 3rd, the day before Ignite, for three action-packed innovation workshops led by Spigit’s Principal Strategists.

These workshops will focus on hands-on application and techniques for making your innovation efforts successful, no matter what stage your program is at. Designed for program sponsors, program managers, and team leaders, these workshops will be centered around interactive exercises, sample templates, and useful tips.

Workshop moderators

Doug Williams, Director of Innovation Strategy, Spigit

Maggie Riad, VP of Innovation Strategy, Spigit

Bill Truettner, Director of Innovation Strategy, Spigit

Workshop agenda
(Workshops are open to Spigit customers only)

Each session will have interactive exercises with sample templates and hands-on interactions, and
end with individual time to think about specific action steps to take for your organization.

We’ll meet at Spigit HQ at 11:30am for lunch and a meet & greet; followed by a short walk next door
to The Bently Reserve for the workshops.

Spigit HQ

11:30am — 1:00pm


1:00pm — 2:00pm


Harnessing the Power of Innovation through Cultural Change
Moderated by: Bill Truettner, Director of Innovation Strategy, Spigit

Your innovation success is only as good as the culture around it — and culture doesn’t change overnight. This workshop will focus on how we can drive cultural change through the practice of crowdsourcing and show how leaders can foster a culture of innovative exploration. We’ll look at ways to prepare employees for ideation challenges, ensure there’s a sense of valued perspective, and encourage everyone to think Big.

We’ll explore specific beliefs, skills, and behaviors of innovation that crowdsourcing can help cultivate, tactics you can deploy at various stages in the crowdsourcing process to develop a positive climate of innovation, and how to demonstrate cultural change to everyone in your company. Attendees will leave this workshop knowing how to positively influence their corporate culture to drive positive change, no matter the industry, and no matter the stage of their innovation efforts.

Who should attend? This session is ideal for innovation programs of all maturity levels, from those just getting started to those looking to drive a culture of innovation from their existing crowd engagement.

2:00pm — 2:30pm


2:30pm — 3:30pm


Tangible Ways to Measure Program Value and Success
Moderated by: Maggie Riad, VP of of Innovation Strategy, Spigit

Your program is running, your employees are submitting ideas, and everyone’s happy. You’ve done your job, right? Not quite. Participation isn’t everything; now you want to see the needle move, see returns. This workshop will focus on how to uncover tangible results, quantify the value of ideas and potential cost savings, and prove that your investment of time, energy, and money has all been worth it.

What are some specific ways to evaluate the value of your program? How can you now apply those findings within your specific organization? In this workshop, you will learn these, and other key techniques for measuring the outcome of innovation challenges, as well as tactics for effectively reporting your findings to stakeholders near and far.

Who should attend? This workshop is designed for people whose innovation program is in its early stages, or those with experiences in measuring program impact that would like to exchange ideas and share with others.

3:30pm — 4:00pm


4:00pm — 5:00pm


After the Challenge: Tips for Advancing Selected Ideas
Moderated by: Doug Williams, Director of Innovation Strategy, Spigit

Your team is full of creative ideas and, with the help of Spigit, you’ve uncovered the best of the best. So what’s next? If you’re like some companies, moving from idea to a concrete plan-of-action can be tough. Often, this is because ideas at this stage need to mature and expand before they can fundamentally change some aspect of your business.

This workshop will focus on how to make that transition: we’ll go over practical ways to clarify ideas, put structure around concepts, and present clear direction for enacting potential solutions. You will learn the right approach to create end-to-end processes for sourcing and implementing ideas coming from a crowdsourcing program, how to develop the core insight of a given idea, and steps for how to make these ideas actionable and successful.

Who should attend? This workshop is for those that are already running challenges as part of their innovation program, and want to ensure the ideas being surfaced lead to implementation and impact.

5:00pm — 7:30pm


At Barbarossa Lounge, 714 Montgomery St.

One block down the street from the Bentley Reserve