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The #1 Innovation Management Software

See why the most innovative companies in the world use Spigit to power their innovation programs.

Spigit for Industries

Banks & Insurers

Spigit enables financial services companies to accelerate digital transformation with ideas from the people that know their business, and industry, best.

Energy & Utilities

Using Spigit, energy and utility companies are pioneering a cleaner, safer world through crowdsourced innovation.

Healthcare & Pharma

Spigit enables healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to uncover new ways to maximize efficiencies, improve patient care, and transform their business.

Construction & Engineering

With Spigit, construction and engineering companies are leveraging crowdsourced innovation to stay ahead of their competition.


Spigit enables manufactures to harness the collective knowledge of their employees, supply chain partners, and more to drive innovation.

Spigit for the C-Suite


When traditional approaches to innovating and problem-solving won’t scale, your business is exposed to disruption.Spigit focuses your most valuable asset – the collective intelligence of your employees – on critical questions.

Research and Development

Competition is increasing, new trends are emerging, and consumer behaviors are changing faster than ever before. Spigit focuses your greatest competitive advantage – people – on new product ideas and seeking what’s next.


Traditional approaches to problem-solving lack the scalability you need to drive digital transformation.
Spigit leverages your greatest advantage – the people that know your business – to demystify your business.


When you lack on-the-ground insight, business initiatives quickly become a time sink.
Spigit focuses your frontline workforce on the critical issues that help you run lean for the long haul.