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Spigit partners with Booz Allen, leading provider of consultancy and technology to the government, to help you drive transformation and innovation success.

Spigit and Booz Allen Hamilton work together to power government innovation

Meeting Ambitious Government Objectives through Crowdsourced Innovation.

Cross-departmental collaboration, IT modernization and operational excellence are just some of the things federal, state and local government organizations are constantly looking to achieve, despite the daily pressures they face from workforce issues and cost reductions.

As the industry drives towards transformation and looks to improve employee retention and withstand hiring competition from the private sector, government organizations have to identify new ways to engage their employee-base to drive value and meet their goals. So how are successful government departments accomplishing this?

Crowdsourced innovation is the process of gathering and surfacing ideas and solutions from your employees, suppliers, and the general public. Innovation management software enables this process – from generating ideas through to implementation – to drive business results.

As one of the largest government contractors in the US, Booz Allen is Spigit’s strategic partner for crowdsourced innovation in the government. Working together, we understand the innovation needs of the government agencies, and have the experience and expertise to prove it.

Uncover new ways to improve process efficiency and reduce costs

Improve employee retention through engagement and building an open culture

Collaborate across departments to surface new ideas for improvement at scale

While most enterprises haven’t missed a beat, crowdsourced innovation is an underutilized resource within the government.” 

Michael Isman

Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Spigit innovation management software was designed to help government agencies drive innovation.

The Power of Many

New ideas can come from anyone – employees, other departments, partners, and even the general public. Spigit enables you to easily collect and manage those ideas at scale – and with our mobile capabilities – do so anytime, anywhere.

Best Ideas Front and Center

Don’t waste time manually filtering through ideas. Spigit’s automation and patented algorithms surface the best ones for you – streamlining processes and accelerating time to implementation for those that will have the biggest impact.

Track Your Entire Innovation Pipeline

Spigit’s robust analytics and reporting metrics make it easy to measure how effective your innovation program is. Know what’s working, what’s not, and where to make adjustments.

Secure and Configurable

Spigit is a configurable, enterprise-ready innovation management platform that meets even the most stringent security standards.

There’s a lot more under the hood. See how you can benefit from using Spigit.


The Knowledge to Drive Innovation in the Government

Understanding best practices and learning from your peers is vital to success in your innovation journey. From creating innovation programs that deliver results to choosing the best innovation management software for your needs, we have you covered with these resources.

“The response to the Innovation Launch Pad on Spigit surpassed our expectations. It’s not just the quantity of the responses, but the quality of the submissions that were selected by the crowd that really made the difference.”

David Gigg

UK Cabinet Office SME Program

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