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Spigit enables banks and insurers to accelerate transformation with ideas from those that know their business best.

6M+ employees at the world’s most influential companies have innovated on Spigit.

largest retail banks in the world use Spigit to power their innovation program.

“With Spigit, we turn employee engagement into ideas that serve our policyholders more effectively.”

David Underwood
Insight & Innovation Leader, CSAA Insurance Group
The Future of Innovation in Financial Services

Digital disruption. Changes to consumer expectations. A growing number of new financial technology startups. The financial services industry is undergoing a transformation. And the only way to scale as a company and maintain a competitive edge is to innovate. The industry is moving too fast for companies to push innovation aside and “get to it later.” The reality is, innovation is the gateway to success; it has to be a top priority.

Many of the world’s most well-known brands in banking and insurance have been affected by the industry transformation, causing them to seek new ways to compete and provide value.

The most successful players in the industry understand how powerful harnessing the knowledge and expertise of their workforce is to innovation. Unleashing this is enabling them to uncover opportunities for operational improvements, identify new products and markets, and improve services to bring enhanced value to both the business and its customers.

How are these companies engaging their employees and uncovering new ideas? Crowdsourced innovation, managed by innovation management software.

As the largest innovation management solution provider, Spigit understands the innovation needs of the financial services industry. And with some of the world’s leading banking and insurance companies using Spigit to implement innovative ideas that drive down costs and improve customer centricity, we have the experience to prove it.

The State of Innovation in Financial Services

With shifts in customer demand and new disruptive market entrants, leading banks and insurers around the world are taking a proactive approach to innovation in order to maintain a competitive edge, improve customer centricity, and drive business growth.

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"When we were looking at Spigit, there were two things that got our attention. The first was the ability of the software to integrate into our technology, and the second was the platform’s ability to scale up for a global organization."

Susan Andrews
Managing Director, Head of Innovation, Citi

Spigit Innovation Management Software Was Designed with Banks & Insurers in Mind

Leading Banks and Insurance Companies Around the World Use Spigit to Drive Business Results
Citi Uses Spigit Innovation Management Software

Citi created the “Future in Banking Challenge” on Spigit.

Over 46,000 employees participated, submitting more than 2,000 ideas. The return on investment from ideas implemented was tremendous.

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KBC Uses Spigit Innovation Management Software

KBC turned 38,000 employees worldwide into an innovation force.

Disruption in financial services is happening and KBC needed a way to stay ahead of the coming disruptions while fostering a culture of innovation.

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