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Welcome to Spigit’s weekly link roundup, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite links to great content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web.

Here are 10 new discoveries from this week.

1. The Transformation From Tradition in Healthcare – From Volume to Value

Who it’s from: PR Web

The skinny: Learn about innovation disruption in the healthcare industry. Leaders will come together at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit to discuss strategies and obstacles when innovating in healthcare. Read more >>

2. The Insider’s Guide to Digital Transformation and the Path to Innovation

Who it’s from: Brian Solis

The skinny: Renowned business expert and author of ‘What’s the Future of Business (WTF)’, Brian Solis, explains the path to innovation, and how you can be disruptive in your industry. Read more >>

3. Getting to ‘Yes’ for Corporate Innovation

Who it’s from: Steve Blank

The skinny: Steve Blank dishes the goods on how Sprocket developed their innovation pipeline and turned their innovation teams into an execution machine. Read more >>

4. The Art of Managing Innovation Risk

Who it’s from: Accenture

The skinny: Accenture examined 60 out of the Fortune 100’s most innovative companies. Check out their results and insights on the right model, governance, and process required to manage innovation risk. Read more >>

5. Infographic: Building a Culture of Innovation

Who it’s from: Budco

The skinny: Innovation is a major buzzword these days, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Visualize these 6 steps to building an innovation culture.  Read more >>

6. Infographic: How IBM is Driving People to Drive Innovation

Who it’s from: IBM

The skinny: IBM empowers more than 430,000 employees around the globe to know more, do more, and deliver more value. Find out how you can extend these capabilities in your organization. Read more >>

7. Frugal innovation: 6 Principles to Adopt to Innovate Faster and Cheaper

Who it’s from: Jaideep Prabhu, City a.m.

The skinny: Check out this collection of frugal principles companies should embed into their organization in order to do more with less. Read more >>

8. 5 Ways Innovation Will Change Business In the Next 5 Years

Who it’s from: Rhett Power, Co-founder, Wild Creations

The skinny: We live in a world where change is constant; it is vital for organization to stay on board with the ever-changing technologies to remain competitive. Rhett Power looks at 5 ways we may need to adapt. Read more >>

9. A 5-Dimensional Model for Managing Innovation through Organizational Change

Who it’s from: Jan Spruijt

The skinny: Check out Jan Spruijt’s unique and interesting 5-dimension model of to help you manage innovation in the midst of organizational change. Read more >>

10. 20 Tips to Initiate & Inspire Innovation

Who it’s from: Glenn Ebersole

The skinny: Having difficulty with making innovation your top pirority? In this article, Glenn Ebersoles provides 20 tips to get you started. Read more >>

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