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It’s time for Spigit’s weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web.

Here are 10 new discoveries from this week.

1.Robert’s Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation

Who it’s from: Robert Brands

The skinny: Innovation thought leader Robert Brands’ newest book takes you head first into practical techniques to break down the barriers to innovation. Experts provide hands-on innovation tips in an informative and entertaining way. Read more >>

2.The Ultimate Gift Guide to Boost Innovation in Your Company

Who it’s from: Board of Innovation

The skinny: The holiday season is upon us! Board of Innovation shares their ‘wishlist’ early this year with their picks for top gifts to boost innovation in your companyRead more >>

3. The Greatest Innovations are the Ones You Don’t See

Who it’s from: Jeff Degraff

The skinny: Jeff Degraff talks about ‘hidden innovators’. He argues that, while breakthrough new products and services look exciting, the real meaningful innovation lies in the larger, more complicated processes that make those breakthroughs possibleRead more >>

4. Ten Steps to Creating an Innovation Organization

Who it’s from: TDWI

The skinny: TDWI offers tips for how to drive innovation with analytics in 2016, and details the various elements of innovation, including: Innovation Teams, Innovator Qualities, Innovation Mindset, Innovation Purpose, Innovation Culture, and moreRead more >>

5. How to Innovate within a Legacy Brand

Who it’s from: Fast Company

The skinny: Eric Villency, who inherited his grandfather’s 83-year-old furniture company and transformed it into a full service design firm, explains the importance of constant iteration to innovateRead more >>

6. Why Your Company is Failing to Innovate

Who it’s from: The Globe & Mail

The skinny: Ken Tencer, author of ‘Cause a Disturbance’, discusses the three biggest barriers to innovation: transparency, resource allocation, and lack of an innovation cultureRead more >>

7. What Innovation Is — and Isn’t

Who it’s from: Forbes

The skinny: Oracle’s Rob Preston discusses “innovation fatigue,” and how it’s used to figure out how consumes “define, perceive, and value innovation.” Main finding? 68% of consumers said they’re willing to pay an average 23% premium for brands they consider to be innovativeRead more >>

8. How to Inspire Innovation at Every Level of Your Business

Who it’s from: Gap International

The skinny: New inventions are launching at a much faster pace, which means companies need to think about the next invention before they’re even finished with the current one. Gap International provides some key pointers on how this can be doneRead more >>

9. Six Decisions To Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost

Who it’s from: Steve Blank

The skinny: Steve Blank discusses 6 key questions that companies need to understand in order to avoid what he calls “innovation theater.” Read more >>

10. SIEMENS: Fertile Ground for Innovation

Who it’s from: Siemens

The skinny: The team at global leader Siemens explains how they are using open innovation to stay competitiveRead more >>