Try The #1 Innovation Management Software For The Enterprise

Surface ideas to identify new products and markets, improve customer experience, streamline processes, and increase employee engagement.

Leverage the Crowd at Scale

Get your employees, customers, and partners around the world engaged at every stage – from gathering new ideas through to execution.

Turn ideas into outcomes

Automatically surface and graduate the best ideas for development, and predict, track and share progress and success across your company.

Be Everywhere

Connect anytime, anywhere, and through any device – engage crowds around the world through 11 languages.

One Complete Software
Solution for Project Discovery

Spigit is the only software that focuses on the biggest pain point for Continuous Improvement programs.

Quick Peek Inside
Easy to Manage

Spigit’s easy to use interface and learning tools, everything you need to run a successful scalable discovery process in your Continuous Improvement program is in one location.

Save time and Energy

With Spigit, ideas are automatically prioritize based on employee actions. This ensures only the most valuable ideas surface for your internal experts to review – saving time and energy.

Spigit Supercharges Your Continuous Improvement Program

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Dan Bieler

“As the biggest vendor in the market, Spigit has a clear vision of how to harness the power of crowds for innovation.”

Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst Serving CIOs, Forrester Research

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There’s a Lot More
Under the Hood

If you want more out of your Continuous Improvement program, join the growing list of comanies using Spigit to supercharge their efforts