Spigit, our products, our innovation insights, and our employees have been noted in the following publications.

"If you’ve got a way to tap the brainpower of thousands of employees, there’s no reason not to. There’s so much crowdsourcing has to offer those who are challenged with fighting back against disruptors. But you do need all hands on deck and this new tool [Spigit] is vital."

Robert B. Tucker
Forbes: How Crowdsourcing Can Enhance Innovation Performance

"You can think of the technology as an interactive version of the corporate suggestion boxes of old...Businesses use the Spigit platform to suggest and debate new product suggestions, better ways of handling customer service problems, or whether to raise or cut prices."

Heather Clancy
Fortune: Corporate suggestion boxes meet the digital age

"It's easy to understand why large organizations with hundreds to thousands of employees are eager to utilize their collective brainpower.
But it's only relatively recently that they've been able to use technology to do it in an efficacious way."

Laura Montini
Inc., Crowd Science: Figuring Out How to Get the Most From the Masses