Spigit Boosts Employee Engagement with All-New Mobile Experience

Spigit is the Largest Provider of Innovation Management Software; New Customer Sales Increased by 240% growth in the first quarter of 2016

San Francisco, CA – April 28, 2016 – Spigit, the largest provider of innovation management software, today announced a new mobile experience that has been enhanced to drive wider employee engagement and collaboration for idea generation. The new mobile experience offers fast and secure access via modern web browsers on any smartphone or tablet and is available in major languages. Spigit CEO Scott Raskin shared the news with an enthusiastic audience of leading business and innovation executives at the company’s annual Ignite Summit event in San Francisco.

Raskin said, “Capturing ideas from your employees and partners wherever they are is the most critical piece of the innovation management process, and many of today’s employees use mobile first and foremost. Spigit is the market leader because we invest significantly in R&D and guide our customers to ensure innovation success. We are very excited to announce our new mobile version that makes it even easier for ‘on-the-go’ users to securely share their ideas and collaborate with their colleagues.”

Spigit is leading the innovation management solutions market by enabling global companies to capture new revenue, invent new products and improve organizational efficiencies. Spigit’s customer-centric approach has led to a 240% increase in new customer sales in the first quarter of this year (Q1 2016) compared with same quarter last year. More than 5 million employees, partners and customers, from 150 countries have shared ideas through Spigit powered innovation programs.

spigit_iphone_experieneSpigit’s new mobile experience for global enterprises will increase employee engagement by simplifying access to their company’s innovation challenges. Global companies that run idea generation programs need to reach thousands of employees in different countries in varying work settings. Employees who are mobile-first are usually in active roles such as utility line inspectors, assembly line workers or sales agents. They are more likely to access information via their smartphones instead of traditional desktops or laptops.

The intuitive navigation engages the user to answer questions and share ideas easily and the process can feel like playing a game. With simplified access, users just click on a secure link and are not required to download a separate application or sign in every time. Additional mobile enhancements include updated task and workflow interface design and user experience functionality.

The new mobile release makes it easier for Spigit’s customers to actively engage with their diverse workforce, achieve timely and accurate results, and ultimately boost the return on investment of their innovation programs. For an innovation program to continuously provide results, collaboration among the crowds is important to securing successful and widespread contribution.


About Spigit

Spigit is the recognized market leader of innovation management. Spigit has transformed innovation for large industries including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and more. Spigit’s cloud- and mobile-based crowdsourcing software empowers organizations to engage with their internal and external crowds of employees, users, or partners through real-time feedback and gamification features. With Spigit, global companies have generated over $1 billion in increased revenue from their enterprise innovation programs. Spigit’s highly configurable solution offers simultaneous releases in 11+ languages. Spigit is the most secure global innovation management solution with six global data centers. Spigit is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Australia. Learn more at www.spigit.com.

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