Spigit Executive's New Book "Great Question!" Explores How To Boost Idea Generation With Effective Questions

San Francisco, CA – September 15, 2016 Spigit® proudly shares the release of a new book titled, Great Question! Generating Effective Questions for Successful Outcomes, authored by the company’s VP of Innovation Architecture, Doug Collins.

Spigit, the world’s largest provider of innovation management software, has made it possible for enterprises around the world to tap into the collective intelligence of their crowds. In relation to this concept, the Great Question! book helps business leaders form and pose the critical, compelling questions that make a difference to their organization. The success of any collaborative innovation program begins by asking the right questions to the crowd. 

Great Question! provides insight to facilitate conversation whether the questions are meant for a small group brainstorm or for thousands of employees. The purpose of this book is to help leaders of any business, group, program, or initiative to ask better questions: more on point, better framed, and better phrased questions.

Collins said, “In my experience, many will find themselves frustrated when their innovation challenges or small group brainstorms don’t produce useful outcomes. This commonly observed problem motivated me to write Great Question! to guide anyone who wants to succeed by framing the right questions for the desired transformation.”

Great Question! is available for purchase starting today on Amazon.