Spigit Introduces New Enterprise Solution to Dramatically Enhance the Discovery Process for Continuous Improvement

Spigit for CI Maximizes High-Value Project Ideas, Bridges Siloed Teams, Cuts Process Inefficiencies

San Francisco, CA, November 17, 2016 — Spigit, the world’s leading provider of idea management software, today announced Spigit for Continuous Improvement (CI), a new enterprise solution that dramatically enhances the Discovery process. Finding valuable project ideas is a critical first step towards building a successful continuous improvement program, including for Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen and any similar methodologies.

Spigit for CI introduces a whole new way for CI teams to assess and track all project ideas, reducing the time and manual effort spent on validation and management. Spigit for CI is a scalable solution that easily reaches out to the entire employee base, breaking down any department silos within a company.

In a recent survey* of continuous improvement executives across ten major industries, Discovery was cited as their #1 concern with their current processes. Large enterprises invest heavily in establishing their CI teams and methodologies but they often miss high-value project ideas because the Discovery stage of the CI process remains outdated and tedious.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is the world’s largest business travel management company and has a dedicated continuous improvement team in place to identify new opportunities to improve revenue and efficiencies related to process, tools and people. CWT’s Vincent Lebunetel, vice president of Corporate Innovation said, “As a champion of Lean and Six Sigma frameworks, CWT is continuously refining our organizational processes with a goal to offer the best customer service as we manage over 60 million transactions annually. Spigit for CI simplifies the discovery of valuable project ideas thus resolving a major pain point of all continuous improvement processes.”

Continuous improvement has proven to be invaluable for companies who consistently refine their customer experience, find new growth opportunities, reduce inefficiencies and improve their products and services. However, CI teams worldwide are facing extensive challenges with their processes, primarily: (i) difficulty securing and qualifying high-value project ideas due to cumbersome spreadsheets that are time consuming; (ii) insufficient alignment with business objectives because project ideas are not tracked cohesively; and (iii) lack of collaboration so that useful project ideas often get buried within individual departments, or siloed teams.

Spigit has addressed these challenges with Spigit for CI that can:

  • Be Mobile and Scalable – The discovery process is fully scalable for any number of employees globally and is available in multiple languages. Employees can easily input from their mobile devices generating a steady stream of new project ideas.
  • Accelerate Results – Automated qualification of project ideas reduces the manual hours wasted in separating high-value from low-value projects. Project ideas can be assigned faster and routed to the relevant internal company experts for review.
  • Measure and Track Impact – Centralized project portfolio dashboard tracker offers managers an easy way to visualize any number of project ideas and provides an accurate view of the expected and the actual impact of the project ideas.

Spigit CEO Scott Raskin said, “The ‘continuous improvement’ methods of yesterday do not fit with today’s reality of large global workforces. Industry leaders are under pressure to reduce spend, find new investment opportunities and deliver an optimal customer experience. We realized a gap in the process and have leveraged our idea management expertise to introduce Spigit for CI which delivers greater ROI for any continuous improvement disciplines.”

About Spigit

Spigit is the largest provider of idea management software to some of the world’s foremost companies, including AT&T, Citibank, Duke Energy, MetLife, Pfizer, Unilever, UnitedHealth Group and more. Spigit has powered innovation and process improvement for large enterprises across major industries of financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy.

Spigit cloud software enables organizations to engage with their employees, customers, and partners to build a culture of innovation. Spigit proprietary automation, patented algorithms, and highly configurable, secure and multi-lingual platform make it the only solution that will scale seamlessly across the enterprise. Spigit global HQ is in San Francisco, European HQ in London, and our Asia-Pacific HQ is in Sydney. Learn more at www.spigit.com.

* Survey conducted between November 4-10, 2016, to over 2300 continuous improvement professionals across 10 industries globally.

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