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INQ: Enabling Innovation at Cisco


INQ is an innovation publication that curates thought leadership pieces, statistics, and trending topics.

In this issue of INQ Magazine, we explore the relationship between innovation, company-wide engagement, and business growth. We also share ideas around what makes for successful business innovation, with examples from major players in education and communications.

In this issue:

  • Our Twitter community shares what they think drives innovation in today’s companies.
  • The team at Cisco UK discusses their winning innovation program, how they drive employee engagement, and how they’ve leveraged their programs for better returns.
  • Discover how implementing crowdsourced innovation in your company can surface the best ideas and differentiate you from competitors.

“Today, it’s quite clear that innovation programs are a strategic imperative and have widespread positive impact on the entire enterprise structure. Companies that develop a more progressive approach overall see major improvements in internal cultural development and talent retention.”

James Gardner

Chief Technical Officer, Spigit