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MWD Advisors: Getting the Right Idea


MWD Advisors, an advisory firm which provides independent industry insights, put together a comprehensive report detailing what makes Spigit the #1 innovation management solution on the market.

What Separates Spigit from the Competition?

Ideas are great, but without understanding which ones make the most impact you’re liable to waste time, money, and energy pursing the wrong things.

Spigit’s technology was designed to eradicate that by surfacing the ideas that have the biggest impact on business challenges, fast.

In the report by MWD Advisors, you’ll learn more about Spigit’s:

  • Robust analytics and reporting that enable you to focus your time on the ideas that matter
  • Social community features that allow crowds to collaborate on and refine ideas
  • Ability to scale to an unlimited amount of users

"Spigit provides a SaaS-based toolset that supports the idea generation, evaluation and selection aspects of the idea lifecycle, providing sophisticated tools that ensure that the best – not just the most popular – ideas can be identified for action."