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The role of Innovation in Digital Transformation

Event Details

On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 45-minutes with Q&A

Digital transformation is a huge opportunity for the enterprise.

Digital transformation is top of mind for every Fortune 500 company. With the rapid shift towards digital hitting all industries, executives want to know how to make the transformation happen within their own businesses.

View this webinar to learn the secrets of digital transformation from guest speaker Forrester’s Principal Analyst serving CIOs, Dan Bieler.

With countless analysis reports, interviews with innovation leaders, and digital transformation articles under his belt, Dan is an expert on this topic. Hear him discuss:

  • The strategies you need to implement to make digital transformation happen, and examples of companies doing it right
  • How ideation accelerates digital transformation
  • How Forrester sees digital transformation affecting innovation, customer-centricity, efficiencies, and more

Register for this live webinar to get a complete picture of the tactics and strategies that are proving to be successful in executing digital transformation.