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Voting Dynamics in Innovation Software


Voting dynamics - from 'thumbs-up' to star ratings to pairwise methods - help enterprises develop sustainable innovation programs and drive employee engagement.

Sustainable crowd engagement is what makes crowdsourced innovation programs succeed.

Whether it’s a simple thumbs up or more complex pairwise voting, intelligent voting mechanisms are a key way to gauge crowd feedback. Intelligent voting enables the diverse perspectives of the crowd to be expressed and aggregated into an overall view that can inform decision-making. But voting at scale, especially across the enterprise, comes with unique challenges.

This whitepaper details how innovation management software helps you overcome the challenges in:

  • Maintaining sustainable crowd engagement
  • Informing decision-making through intelligent voting mechanisms
  • Scaling voting dynamics across enterprise organizations

“Voting is important in social systems as a way to aggregate opinion. Not all voting mechanisms work well in all contexts and scenarios – thus flexible and intelligent voting models must be employed to get the best results.”