How Cambia Health Went from Health Insurer to Health Innovator

Cambia Health Solutions launched its Innovation Force program on Spigit in 2011. At the time, an internal survey revealed that just 34% of Cambia employees encouraged innovation.

Cambia Health Case Study

How to build an innovation program that would both yield measurable results and change the way employees engaged with the business throughout the company.

Cambia uses Spigit innovation management software as the backbone of their innovation program, scaling the platform and initiative over three years to generate substantial value for the business.

A $171M return on value for the program, including $4 million in cost savings and over $60 million in sales and renewals from a single initiative. Five subsidiaries have also been incubated and launched via the platform.

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“Spigit helps our organization to collaborate, become more transparent, and prioritize the most important business goals.”

Mohan Nair
Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions