How KBC Turned a Business Challenge into a Massive Opportunity Using Spigit

How KBC Turned a Business Challenge Into a Massive Opportunity Using Spigit

KBC Uses Spigit Innovation Management Software

Seeing the writing on the wall, KBC wanted to stay ahead of it. They knew that in order to do this, they had to tap into the ideas of the people that know their customers best – their employees.

With 38,000 employees worldwide speaking multiple languages and disruption in financial services happening, KBC needed a way to stay ahead of the coming disruptions while fostering a culture of innovation.

KBC launched The Pitch, an internal innovation program powered by Spigit, to meet its goal of leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of their large employee base to generate break-through ideas.

6,227 participants, idea submissions from 6 different countries, and 682 viable ideas later, KBC created massive employee engagement that surpassed their wildest expectations.

“Our Pitch innovation program started three years ago with just 300 people — today we’re 12,000 strong. That’s nearly a third of our entire workforce and well beyond what we ever expected to see. Spigit made our zero-to-sixty growth possible by letting all of our employees be a part of the innovation process in their own language.”

Sofie Blockx
Head of Corporate Change & Culture, KBC