Polaris Drives Breakthrough Innovation

See how Polaris became an innovation leader and revolutionized the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Polaris Tapped Their Enterprise Crowds to Create New Products and Attract New Markets

Polaris ideates with Spigit

The company’s existing innovation process was entirely manual, making progress fragmented, expensive, time-consuming, and siloed. They needed a way to access greater idea diversity, streamline processes, and drive implementation of new ideas.

Spigit allowed the Polaris team to fully automate their Ideate Innovation program, making the process of ideation to execution 80% faster. Polaris chose Spigit because of its robust crowdsourcing capabilities, deep analytics, and visibility at all idea stages.

Since its inception, four of Polaris’ best-selling vehicles have come out of the hugely successful, rebranded Ideate Innovation Program. the most recent challenge resulted in 175 unique new ideas and millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

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“We’re proud to have an innovative culture. Spigit lets us give employees an opportunity to create the next big thing.”

Joe Laurin
Visioneering Manager, Polaris Industries