How Scottish Water Dramatically Improved Customer Service

Ideas from the Spigit Innovation Platform Dramatically Improve Customer Service

How Scottish Water Made Huge Customer Service Improvements

Scottish Water uses Spigit Ideation Management Software

Scottish Water created The Innovation Pool to find better ways to improve compliance, reduce negative impact incidents, and adapt to changing business realities like global warming and high customer expectations.

As an influential company in a heavily regulated industry, Scottish Water needed a way to evaluate and solve both large and small business problems internally.

The Spigit innovation management platform allowed Scottish Water to quickly adopt a solution-based problem solving approach, working with employees to generate ideas and co-create solutions.

Better and faster customer service, improved diversity of ideas and solutions to business problems, and improved employee engagement across the company.

“We’ve been predominantly using the innovation tool in Spigit to capture ideas for the overall business…we were able to come up with an idea for a mobile app for customers to quickly report service problems, [dramatically reducing] the time it takes [to send] out field technicians to remedy the problem.”

George Ponton
Head of Research and Innovation, Scottish Water