Accelerating Digital Transformation using Crowdsourced Innovation, featuring Topcoder
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Duration: 45min + Q&A

While uncovering innovative ideas gives companies a competitive advantage, it’s often the implementation of these ideas that creates roadblocks for innovation practitioners.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Clinton Bonner, VP of Marketing at Topcoder – the largest talent network and crowdsourcing platform with an open global community – joins us for a webinar on how to accelerate innovation and overcome bandwidth and talent constraints that often prevent great ideas from moving forward into execution.

In this webinar Clinton will discusses how to:

  • Leverage CROWDSOURCING to accelerate the whole innovation process – from surfacing great digital transformation ideas through to development and impact
  • Tap into a WORLDWIDE NETWORK of designers, developers, and data scientists to test and validate your winning ideas through a design and prototyping sprint
  • Adopt an AGILE METHODOLOGY, and design first and design thinking practices to ensure efficiency and a customer focus throughout the process

Don’t miss out – make sure your ideas never lose momentum or get stuck again!

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Webinar Details

Duration: 45min + Q&A