Continuous Innovation: Beyond Innovation Challenges

On-Demand Webinar


Sometimes, your crowd’s best eureka moments happen after your innovation challenge clock stops. So what do you do then? Use Continuous Innovation to make sure no ideas get missed.

Over time, organizations’ crowd innovation engagements typically surface the opportunity to capture ideas continuously and not just through time-bound challenges. To seize this opportunity, more and more leading companies are turning to an ‘always-on’ forum to allow continued surfacing of ideas that can create business value.

Join Dr. Matt Chapman, Head of Innovation Services at Spigit, as he shares his insights into best practices for running Continuous Innovation Processes, including:

  • Why Continuous Innovation has become the new must-have of collaborative innovation programs
  • The different types of these always-on innovation processes and how companies are using them today including: Lean and Continuous Improvement, Customer Service Improvement, NPD/R&D, and Voice of the Customer
  • The emerging management, funding, and governance models that make these efforts successful
  • How organizations are defining pathways to implementation for the ideas they gather
  • Key considerations before embarking on designing your Continuous Innovation Process

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