On-Demand Webinar
In a large, multinational company, how do you go about building a culture of innovation?

With over 45,000 employees around the world, nobody understands this challenge better than personal care giant Kimberly-Clark. Listen to Renee Pearson, Director of ITS Global Innovation at Kimberly-Clark, and Bill Truettner, Director of Innovation Strategy at Spigit for this webinar, discuss how the company is embracing crowdsourced initiatives to help instill a culture of innovation across the organization.

Watch to learn more about:

  • The crowdsourced ideation challenges that Kimberly-Clark’s IT organization has run, and how they are sustaining a level of engagement and excitement through these on an ongoing basis
  • How the company is expanding crowdsourced innovation globally, scaling across geographic and organizational boundaries, and how they are starting to track progress as well as impact
  • How Renee is securing sponsorship for innovation challenges from business units throughout the company
  • How Kimberly-Clark has developed a crowdsource challenge service to enable people around the business to become innovation champions

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