Winning Ideas and Beyond: Moving Great Ideas to Execution
Available On-Demand

Once you’ve identified great ideas that can solve key business challenges, how do you make sure they move forward into implementation and don’t get stuck?

In this webinar, Bill Truettner, Sr. Director of Strategic Services at Spigit, shared proven best practices for ensuring that the valuable, winning ideas from your crowdsourced innovation efforts advance to funded projects ready for execution.

Bill highlights ways to become more effective, transparent and efficient in concept development, and in doing so, will enable you to develop a compelling pitch as to why winning ideas should move forward into development.

He’ll also cover how to secure buy-in from executive management through:

  • Envisioning an ideal end product/solution and minimum viable prototype
  • Ensuring success through de-risking and validation
  • Developing an opportunity statement and pitch

Join us for this webinar and learn the best practices that help give your ideas real impact.

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