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companies use Spigit to ideate.

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Solve business challenges without slowing down.
When traditional approaches to innovating and problem-solving won’t scale, your business is exposed to disruption.
Spigit focuses your most valuable asset – the collective intelligence of your employees – on critical questions.

Evolve Your Business Model

Disruption is a reality, but it doesn’t have to be your destiny. Leverage the knowledge of employees across your business to identify threats as well as opportunities for growth.

Eliminate costly blind spots

Move your business forward, not backward. Get insight into the big operational risks and redundancies across the organization that are dragging down performance.

Balance growth, risk, and profit

Unearth ideas that will radically reshape “business as usual.” Rate and rank the most promising investments based on associated risk, cost and revenue.

There was a tremendous opportunity for our leadership to demonstrate to our employees that we needed them to ideate, that we wanted them to take sensible risks, and to balance growth, profit, and risk.

Jeremy Johnson, President and CEO, AIG

From the platform over the course of the last year, we have seen the development of 300 ideas. It’s been tremendously successful in improving customer engagement and involvement.

Wendy Mayer, Vice President, Worldwide Innovation, Pfizer

This is a program that gets people excited. Normally, front-line employees could never get an audience with executive leadership, but with TIP it’s a regular occurrence.

Abhi Ingle, Vice President Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T
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BUILD culture without adding cost
Your employees and experts have a wealth of knowledge and insight just waiting to be tapped. Empower the next generation and drive growth – it’s a win-win.
INNOVATE faster. Outpace the competition. Quantify the "Impossible"
Leverage crowd science to accurately measure the impact and time to value of your innovation portfolio
DRIVE decision-making
Get the on-demand visibility you need to bridge the execution gap so your next big idea doesn’t fall through the cracks
Innovate Everywhere, Reach Everyone

Nearly 70% of our customers with innovation programs 3 years or older, run company-wide challenges to build a culture of innovation.

Insurance Leaders Innovate on Spigit

"If we can find a way to get all 70,000 employees across MetLife’s 50 geographical markets to collaborate together and start solving common problems, we can seize the competitive advantage for another 150 years."

John Geyer
SVP Innovation, MetLife
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