Spot risks. Drive digital transformation. See how UnitedHealth Group innovates with Spigit.

Avoid costly technology issues

Leverage your collective expertise to uncover potential security, support, and system issues before they happen.

De-risk complex new projects

Know which initiatives to tackle first based on their risk profile and potential for reward. Relate your portfolio of initiatives to business priorities at a glance.

Drive top-line growth

Identify business threats as well as future growth opportunities throughout your business by accessing the knowledge of your wider workforce.

Keep your business competitive

Let your size and scale work for you, not against you. Break down silos and eliminate redundancy by uniting employees around business risks.
Reshape your business future. Faster.
Your employees and experts have a wealth of knowledge and insight just waiting to be tapped. Empower the next generation and drive growth — it's a win-win.
Quantify the "Impossible"
Leverage crowd science to accurately measure the impact and time to value of your innovation portfolio
Drive Decision-Making
Get the on-demand visibility you need to bridge the execution gap so your next big idea doesn’t fall through the cracks
Innovate Everywhere, Reach Everyone

Nearly 70% of our customers with innovation programs 3 years or older, run company-wide challenges to build a culture of innovation.


"If somebody's going to disrupt our industry, it might as well be us."

John Geyer
SVP, MetLife
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