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At Mindjet, customer success is our top priority — we want to make sure that each SaaS release in our regular cadence of software updates is a great experience for all Spigit users. This April, we’re sharing a limited preview of some upcoming features, as well as a few that are available now.

To catch up on the backlog of updates, see our February release blog here.

Mindjet Graph APIs

With this update, Spigit will be introducing a limited beta for our new Mindjet Graph APIs, which are our next generation REST APIs for Spigit Innovation functionality. The Mindjet Graph API is being beta tested in this release by a small group of customers, who have elected to participate in the limited beta program.

An upcoming release of Spigit will make the API broadly available to all customers, pending feedback from the beta participants and finalization of the API. We know though that all customers will be curious about the new APIs and what functionality they provide, so here’s a quick introduction.

The Mindjet Graph APIs embrace the philosophy of the semantic web — a web of data that can be processed by machines, rather than a web of applications and sites. Mindjet Graph APIs will introduce a new data model that describes innovation concepts and facilitates the merging of data, regardless of differences in underlying schemas. Mindjet Graph APIs will provide access to core innovation concepts in Spigit, including the ability to retrieve lists of communities, challenges, ideas, comments, and associated scores. These APIs will also support posting ideas, votes, and comments.

semantic web 1
semantic web 2
Over the next few weeks and months, we will start sharing more details of the Mindjet Graph APIs and then officially make them generally available to customers after the beta period. We’re very excited with this evolution of our APIs, and hope that you will also be excited as we start to roll them out after the beta.

Additional Updates

Besides support for the limited beta, we also have a host of improvements and issues resolved in this release, ranging from an improved password reset flow, to testing for browsers including IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox 27, and Chrome 33, and updated Google Play and Apple App Store apps that support Android 4.1.2 and iPhone iOS 7.1. The following language packs have also been updated: English (US and UK), French, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Arabic. Additionally, a whole host of feature improvements, stability improvements, and defect resolution went into this update.

Like all SaaS releases, this update can be seamlessly experienced by customers already on our SaaS release cadence. For a full list of all issues resolved and updates in this release, customers of Spigit can read the detailed Release Notes.