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Welcome to Spigit’s weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web. Here are 10 new discoveries from this past week.

1.Why Black Cabs Need to Innovate, Not Fight

Who it’s from: George Hill
The skinny: Uber launched in London in mid-2012. Since then, the traditional black cab service has taken a hit. This article argues that, to stay alive, black cabs need to innovate, not fight against Uber.

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2. Harnessing Digital Disruption will Drive Innovation Cross Industries

Who it’s from: BizTimes

The skinny: Peter Gunder, Chief Business Development Officer at American Family Insurance, talks about the impact digitalization has had on the insurance company, and how the focus of agile innovation has helped accelerate its digitization efforts.

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3. Is Experience Good for Innovation?

Who it’s from: Innovation Excellence

The skinny: Does experience lead to a higher likelihood of innovation happening, or does it slow the process? As Kevin McFarthing mentions in his article examining experience’s affect on innovation, “A lot of people succeed at innovation because they didn’t have enough experience to realize that they should have failed.”

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4. Banking Lacks a Culture of Innovation

Who it’s from: The Financial Brand

The skinny: Building an innovation culture is at the top of most banking organization’s corporate agendas, but how effective is the implementation? This article, based on an Accenture report, brings awareness to the obstacles to innovation in financial services.

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5. Companies Are Now Making Innovation Everyone’s Job

Who it’s from: Harvard Business Review

The skinny: Innovation isn’t the responsibility of a handful of people. Now, more than ever, it’s the responsibility of everyone in a company. As Michael Schrage states, “Enterprise innovation conversations seem to be shifting more from the ‘how’ to the ‘who.’ Process and methodology debates have turned into the operational challenge of how best to boost people’s capabilities.”

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6. 2016 and Digital: The Year of Innovation, Collaboration, Disruption

Who it’s from: Brandequity Economic Times

The skinny: It’s prediction time. Carlton D’Silva, CEO & CCO at Hungama Digital Services, predicts that we’ll see more focus on digitalization this year and what the impact will be on the market.

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7. Three Fintech Innovation Trends to Watch

Who it’s from: The Financial Brand

The skinny: Keep an eye on this. Retail banking organizations are in for a transformation in upcoming years. Today, many are rethinking banking relationships with consumers, and are leveraging digital technology to fuel new product offerings. This article highlights the top three fintech trends that could help retail banking rethink standard models.

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8. Build, Buy Or Collaborate: 5 Secrets For Success

Who it’s from: Forbes

The skinny: When innovation is boiled down to its bare essentials, there are only three ways to innovate according to Marshall Phelps. In this article, he gives tips on how you should intelligently build, buy, or collaborate to be successful.

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9. An Interview with Deloitte’s Chief Innovation Officer

Who it’s from: The Innovation Enterprise

The skinny: Deloitte has a global presence. And not only has it experienced success in a number of countries, it’s also a pioneering innovator. David Levis, the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, sheds light on Deloitte’s innovation plans going forward.

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10. How do you Crowdsource Innovation? James Gardner, Spigit’s CTO, Explains

Who it’s from: Spigit

The skinny: James Gardner is no stranger to innovation. If his start in financial services taught him anything, it’s that crowdsourcing innovation is the most effective way to discover new ideas and make them a reality.

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