Discover actionable ideas from everyone in your organization with the right platform.

Customers Using Spigit Idea Management Software

Idea management software lets you collect and surface the best ideas from your employees, customers, and partners

You hire smart people. You partner with market leaders. You offer great products and services, and your loyal customers are invested in your continued success. What if you could tap into that vast network of people to gather and surface breakthrough innovations?

With Spigit’s idea management platform, you can tap into your enterprise’s crowds — your employees, customers, and partners.

Our platform employs advanced analytics and algorithms to help you identify the best ideas from your crowd, predict their potential business value, and assess challenges along the way.

Through co-creation with customers, employees, and partners, idea management software gives your company tremendous competitive advantage by allowing you to gather outstanding ideas and bring them to market, time and time again.

The Power of Spigit Idea Management Software

Spigit lets you use idea crowdsourcing to harvest the best business solutions, eliminate outmoded processes, and grow your base of customers beyond existing boundaries. Using idea management software amplifies your company’s ability to innovate faster, more often, and better than your competitors.

Spigit’s sophisticated, user-friendly interface powers engagement and ideation through game mechanics, big data, and advanced crowd science. Dramatically expand the impact of your program by using your crowd to discover and evaluate ideas that will give your business the best opportunities for success.

The bottom line? Idea management software drives results. With Spigit, our 6M users from 170+ countries have generated over $1B from their enterprise innovation programs.


The Benefits of Spigit Idea Management Software: Improving Your Program At Every Level

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