Leave the door open for successful innovation.
Get ideas from everyone in your crowd.

Spigit Customers Using Open Innovation
Open Innovation brings customers and partners into your innovation program

Breakthrough ideas are the foundation of successful innovation programs everywhere. But, even the most progressive companies sometimes forget that those crucial great ideas can come from anywhere.

When you bring your entire network of employees, customers, and partners into your innovation circle, you have access to the diverse knowledge and experience of the people who know your business best.

This expanded crowd of participants and viewpoints, coupled with the power of advanced analytics and algorithms, helps you single out game-changing ideas and predict their future business value — from how long it will take to make them a reality, to what challenges you’ll face in the process.

Co-creating with customers, employees, and partners gives companies a major leg up when it comes to staying competitive and predicting which ideas will drive the greatest returns.

Spigit Enables Open Innovation

Spigit lets you mine for suggestions and solutions, grow your customer base, and get rid of outdated processes that are holding you back. Using crowdsourcing maximizes your company’s potential to innovate faster and better than the competition.

Spigit’s Crowdcast module makes open innovation easy, with a user-friendly interface and engagement turbocharged by gamification. Driven by crowd science, big data, and machine learning, Spigit helps you take your program from idea limbo to innovation laboratory, where you’ll be able to use the crowd to easily identify and assess the ideas that will do the most for your business.

Open innovation drives results, and so do our enterprise customers. Using Spigit, our 4.5M users in over 150 countries have earned over $1B from their ever-growing innovation programs.

Make Open Innovation a Cornerstone of Your Program

Open Innovation with Siemens Mobility
Siemens built its Mobility IDEA Contest on Spigit, using open innovation to address major transportation challenges that affect global productivity and efficiency. The winner of the contest submitted an unusual and cost-efficient idea to reduce urban congestion and pollution caused by cars circling for parking.