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What is Crowdsourcing Innovation?

Leave the door open for successful innovation.

Get ideas from everyone in your crowd.

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Open Innovation

Breakthrough ideas are the foundation of successful innovation programs everywhere. By co-creating with customers, employees, and partners, open innovation gives you a major leg up when it comes to staying competitive and predicting which ideas will drive the greatest returns.

Business Crowdsourcing

What if you could use your entire network of people to discover, analyze, and implement great ideas for your business? Business crowdsourcing helps you get feedback from partners and customers, or reach out to all of your employees โ€” not just decision-makers โ€” for input on products and services.

Idea Management Software

You hire smart people. You partner with market leaders. You offer great products and services, and your loyal customers are invested in your continued success. What if you could tap into that vast network of people to gather and surface breakthrough innovations? Idea management software makes that possible.

Crowdsourcing Innovation

Your employees are smart. Your partners are savvy. Your customers are market leaders โ€” and each one of them has the potential to come up with the next big thing. Crowdsourcing innovation lets you use your entire network to surface opportunities, collect and implement great ideas, and predict the future value of innovations.

Innovation Management

Ideas are the backbone of any innovation management program. But do you have the ideas in hand today that you really need to drive your business forward? Innovation management allows you to tap into the expertise of internal and external crowds, surface the most valuable ideas, and forecast business impact.


Your employees know your business inside and out. From partners, products, and customers to market changes and trends, they’re your best resource for coming up with the ideas and processes that will keep your company competitive. That’s what makes insourcing — the opposite of outsourcing — such a valuable approach to innovation.